It is mostly up to Trainees how soon and how successfully they can complete the training. And combined with the reading, the material on this site and all that is covered during the two FACE TO FACE SESSIONS there is sufficient information to support you in the task.  Additional ongoing information, mostly for Trainees, will be posted at This can now be accessed using a link at the top of the Custtad Central home page

If at any time before or during the training you are uncertain about anything be sure to ask about it by either making direct contact with the TRAINER or by emailing

Not everyone takes to this approach and there are two ways you might find this out i.e. through your own assessment or ours and we have a preference for you to do the finding out.


By this stage we assume you will have read or be well on the way to having read BALANCING THE REQUEST TO BE GOOD and MAKING CUSTTAD and will be familiar with the paper THE LIMITED AIMS OF CUSTTAD. There is some ADDED GUIDANCE on reading BALANCING on a separate page To go there CLICK HERE


CHECK OUT the page with information on THE TRAINING SCHEDULE, COURSE COMPONENTS , TRAINING ASSIGNMENTS and TRAINING DOCUMENTS.  We use an image as a link to this page throughout the site.  If you get lost this is a good place for a Fresh Start. To go there now CLICK HERE or on the image below.


Your first assignment will be THE INTERIM ASSESSMENT PAPER.  All the information you require for this task will be provided during FACE TO FACE SESSION ONE When complete your assignment should be sent for appraisal, as an attachment, to


You will be contacted by email with the result of your submission.  If assessed as satisfactory you will be considered ready to move on to the next stage of the course.  Sometimes there are issues arising from the submission which require further clarification and/or discussion with the TRAINER but which once completed allow the TRAINEE to continue. There have been occasions when the TRAINEE'S understanding of the approach suggests it would be best that they do not continue with the training.


The duration of the next stage of the Training will be decided by the Trainer who will inform you - probably by email - when FACE TO FACE: SESSION FIVE is scheduled to take place. Whatever the duration you are advised to access all the information that is available on the three ONLINE SESSIONS: SESSION TWO: PRACTICES AND PROCEDURES, SESSION THREE: IMAGES and SESSION FOUR: PLAN OF ACTION

This is also the time to begin working on your PLAN OF ACTION which will be discussed at FACE TO FACE: SESSION FIVE.  Information about what is required can be located on the above PLAN OF ACTION link. 


Your next assignment is the DOCUMENT OF CONTACT.  This relates to your practice of CUSTTAD and  how to proceed with this will be discussed in detail at FACE TO FACE: SESSION FIVE.  You are advised before SESSION FIVE to have accessed the  information relating to the assignment. This can be found on ASSIGNMENT TWO on the TRAINING SCHEDULE page  and on the password protected TRAINING DOCUMENTS page. At the appropriate time the Trainer will provide you with the password and clicking on the image below  will take you there.


If your DOCUMENT OF CONTACT has been appraised as satisfactory you will be provided with a further password to access THE FINAL ASSESSMENT PAPER.  When complete this is submitted along with your PLAN OF ACTION as an attachment to CUSTTAD at And with the satisfactory appraisal of this final document you will be accepted as a fully fledged CUSTTAD WORKER.