• The CUSTTAD facility in ROYSTON was the first  to be located in a mainstream Primary School and it was on a visit to this room that  Anne Rooney of South Lanarkshire began to be interested in the possibility of using the approach in that Authority.
  • On the landing outside the ROYSTON room was a framed photograph of the image which was also used on the cover of the the book BALANCING THE REQUEST TO BE GOOD i.e a penguin balanced on an orange It is a detail from a sand tray which was made by a girl in the Child Guidance Unit. 
  • After its sojourn in the NHS COMMUNITY BASED CLINIC the CUSTTAD facility in ROYSTON became the main training base.


  • The decision to move the training base from ROYSTON PRIMARY SCHOOL GLASGOW to BURGH PRIMARY SCHOOL in RUTHERGLEN, SOUTH LANARKSHIRE came about as a result of several factors  but the most influential  was probably the news that the main CUSTTAD worker - and a stalwart advocate of the approach - was moving to another school. 
  •  There was also the growing conviction that if CUSTTAD belonged anywhere it was in SOUTH LANARKSHIRE where the work had received the support necessary for its continued development. Its potential to make a significant and effective contribution to their early intervention program was also now being acknowledged. We also felt that within that Authority the integrity of the approach was most likely to be maintained.  Liz Davidson had retired and the new Head Teacher had indicated that his priorities which were at odds with the basic concepts of the approach.
  • Everything from ROYSTON  was transferred to the newly established facility in BURGH BURGH PRIMARY SCHOOL, RUTHERGLEN where it now functions as the main training base, as an on site self staffed resource and as part of the network of CUSTTAD facilties in SOUTH LANARKSHIRE